After surfing the geography of Nepal mainly and some northern parts of India for nearly 15 years as a traveler and trekker being nature and wildlife photographer I realized and decided to tie up myself in the area of tourism in Nepal. I know there are thousands of such places which are yet to be ventured by people. The corners of mountains, passes, high hills, and even deep gorges and lakes are not fully explored. Stunning and breathtaking scenes and geography always welcome outsiders. The youths of the whole world are challenged by the extreme adventures and entertained by light ones. Expedition of Mount Everest and other mountains which are more than 8000 meter high. Eight out of top ten mountains including Mount Everest are in Nepal alone. Rafting and kayaking in the Himalayan rivers which are strong in terms of current and forces could be extreme adventures as well. One can isolate oneself for days and months from rest of the world meditating or studying in natural peace. Nepal, the richest country in the world in terms of the types of birds, so, which part in the world, could be better place than this one to the people who are bird lovers. There are many such birds which you can watch only in Nepal. Moreover, there are other so many endangered species of wildlife too. Rhino and red panda are rare ones in the world that you can watch in Nepal. I request the people of the whole world to visit Nepal for the things which can’t be found elsewhere.

There are many places for pilgrimage in Nepal. Lumbini, the birth place of Lord Buddha, is in Nepal. People in hundreds of thousands visit Nepal every year to offer their prayer to Lord Buddha at Lumbini. Beside that there are many Buddhist temple and monasteries which are ancient and new ones too. There are many people meditating even now at different parts of Nepal in deep beauty and peace of nature.

Pashupatinath, Muktinath and so many other holy temples for hindus are also in Nepal. Every year many hindus from all over the world come to Nepal for their puja and prayer. Many hindus pass through Nepal to Kailash and Manasarowar as well.

On the ground of all those facts we have established a company named ‘GOHIMALAYAN ADVENTURES PVT LTD’ in Nepal to serve the people all over the world who are interested to visit Nepal or who want to know about Nepal as well. I welcome you all and request to grant us a chance to serve you. Thanks.

With Best Regards,
Suman K. Sharma
Executive Chairman

It is a camping-only route and the base camp of the world’s fifth highest mountain passing through the wild country through the rivers Arun, Barun and Koshi.

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